Sunday, 18 October 2009

Greetings from Côte d´Azur

I spent seven days in French Provence on my autumn holidays. We stayed in a hotel in Cannes and drove around with the car we rented. It was a perfect week with perfect food, every morning we walked to the nearby boulangerie and bought some fresh baked croissants and a baguette, ate them with french cheese and peach confiture, what could be better? And of course we ate in restaurants every day, and I drank my favourite water Evian all the time (I was living a dream) and everything was so good! From the little street cafes, crêperies we bought crêpes and they were absolutely delicious too. On this journey I ate my frist crème brûlée, which from I was very proud. So I have to say that I was in a French food heaven for a week, and now I'm trying to get used to the idea of being back here in Finland, far from the fresh quality ingredients and far from the French cuisine...It's tough. But I'll cope with it. 

Now I'm going to show you some pictures from my journey.  Above the text you can see orangetree or somehing like that, it's from a small orangetree garden.  The next pictures with fish and the salads and fruits are from Forville market from Cannes. It was amazing how you could buy fresh ingredients and enjoy them, myself I bought kaki fruits and apples and they tasted so real and clean. From the market you could also buy honey, cheese, meat, sausages, different kinds of mushrooms, fresh herbs, flowers etc. I wish we had that kind of markets in Finland too. 

These two pictures with the candies and sweets are from a small mountain village called Gourdon. You could buy local specialities, like caramel du beaurre and different kinds of nougat from small shops. There was also a little bakery, which selled pain d´epices and other pastry. Of course they were delicious. 

These two pictures are from an Italian restaurant in Nice. My friend recommended this restaurant called Geppetto, and I have to say that it was one of the best restaurants on my journey. The atmosphere was so warm and cosy and it felt like we were guests there, and the food was excellent. I ate spinach and ricotta filled raviolis with cremy truffel sauce. It's the second picture. The other one is gnocchi with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.  It's not even necessary to tell you, if it was good. Because it was SO GOOD. And as you can see the plates were wonderful and big, and the idea to bring the gnocchi in a pan to the table was very funny and I think different in a good way. If you go to Nice, I advice you to go to Geppetto, it's eally worth visiting. It's not far from the rue Massena and the beach, and it's near the Museum of Modern Art in Nice. The address is rue Gioffredo 5. 

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