Saturday, 23 January 2010

My first "green" smoothie and toasts with dates & tahini

There has been a lot of talk about superfoods and raw food. I think it's very interesting and I'm eager to try - although it's difficult to start suddenly eating only raw food. But I think I'm going to try even some of it, because it's very good for your health. This morning I spent time in the internet looking for information about all kinds of superfoods etc. and found that these so called green smoothies are very important in rawfood ans superfood eaters nutrition. So I decided to make my first green smoothie (which isn't very green, because I used blueberries and blackcurrants and they coloured the smoothie).
I have to say that it really surprised me, I though that smoothie which includes salad and herbs tastes terrible, but this was actually so good that I could have drank the whole thing! So I'm definitely going to make these green smoothies again, maybe it could become a daily habit...

And the toasts I had to post beause I think it's a very delicious combination (it might sound funny). I really love it and with the smoothie these toasts make a lovely breakfast, light lunch or a little meal in the evening...It's all vegan, full of important vitamins and vegetable fats and everything else. After drinking it I feel very energetic and vibrant.

A nice thing about these smoothies is that you can combine all kinds of ingredients : different greens (herbs, salads), fruits and berries. Anything you want, just follow your taste!

Ingredients for the smoothie:
3 dl frozen blackberries
1 dl frozen blackcurrants
2 large handfus of fresh parsley
2 handfuls rucola
1 kiwi fruit
1 ripe banana

1. Put the all ingredients into a blender, chop the bananas and kiwi to smaller pieces and add enough water to make the mixture fluid.

2. Pout into glasses and decorate with fresh parsley.

Ingredients for one date & tahini toast:
1 wholewheat toast (I used Finnish Linkosuo Tuhatjyvä with omega-3 and omega-6)
tahini paste (I used urtekram)
3 dates, sliced into halves

1. Put the toast in a toaster, spread tahini over and then put about three sliced dates on top. Enjoy! (It's so lovely...)


  1. great smoothie and your bread rolls are wonderful i was wondering if you would like to do a guest post for my blog with a Finnish recipe?

    rebeccasubbiah at yahoo dot com


  2. Thanks! Of course that would be lovely!

  3. Everyone thinks a green smoothie is going to taste horrible, but they are so delicious!Enjoy!

  4. Yay for green smoothies! My family loves them.


  5. Yep I really do enjoy them, actually going to make today again...I really do agree, these smoothies are incredible!

  6. It may not be green, but it's beautiful the way it is!

  7. Hei Anni! :) Mun täytyy kyllä kokeilla tätä smoothieta, vaikuttaa tosi mielenkiintoselta! En oo nimittäin ikinä laittanu salaattia omiin pöperöihini, mut muuten noita samoja aineksia oon käyttäny. Miten muutes menee? -Sini-

  8. Moiii!! Onpa mukavaa saada välillä suomenkielinen kommentti! Ihanaa ku kirjotit! <3 Kokeile ihmeessä, tosi hyvää ja terveellistä! Oikein hyvin menee, ja taas on aika vierähtäny kauheen nopeesti, hullua et ollaan jo helmikuun puolessavälissä kohta!