Saturday, 14 November 2009

How to make the perfect pizza

It's a Saturday, it's snowing lightly and dark outside, the wind blows hard and it feels cosy being at home. It's also a perfect day for baking some delicious pizza ( I've never made pizza Marghuerite myself!). So that's what I did, I made four big pizzas with three different fillings (with tuna, with pepperoni and with mozzarella) and ate the one with mozarella myself. It was really fun making these, I listened to some good music and enjoyed working with the ingredients. What could make a person happier than cooking? Now, I'm going to write you the instructions for a perfect pizza Marghuerite, let's start!

The dough:
(makes 4 large pizzas)

6 dl water
1 tsp salt
14 dl durumflour
8 tbsp olive oil
25 g yeast

1. Soak the yeast into the water. Add the flour and the salt bit by bit. Add the oil.
2. Knead into four balls, then roll into a round plate. Move each pizzabase into an oven sheet.

3. Brush lightly with olive oil.

The tomato sauce:
(for 4 pizzas)

800g crushed tomatoes from a can
140g pressed tomatoes from a can
3 large garlic cloves, pressed
one pot of fresh basilic, crushed
a handful of crushed parsley
salt and pepper

1. Mix the crushed and pressed tomatoes, add the pressed garlic, crushed basilic and parsley and them some pepper and salt.
2. Top the pizzas with the tomatosauce.

The Filling for one Pizza Marghuerite:
120g mozzarella, sliced
about 4 sliced cherrytomatoes (the little ones)
about four seedless black sliced olives
some grated parmesan cheese
a handful of crushed fresh basilic

1. Put the sliced mozzarellas on the pizza, then add the olives and the little tomatoes.
2. Bake in a 250°C oven for about 15 minutes until ready. Be careful not to burn the pizza.
3. Sprinkle the grated parmesan cheese and crushed basilic on top of the pizza, cut into slices and serve with salad.

Avocado and tomato salad

half of an avocado, chopped
about 6 cherrytomatoes sliced into a half
different kinds of green salads, I used Napolitana mix (rucola, spinach, mizuna etc.)
truffle olive oil
lemon juice
black pepper

1. Mix the salads, avocado and tomatoes, pour some oil and drizzle some lemon juice on top of it and sprinkle some black pepper for the final touch.


  1. this looks absolutely delicious. I am so looking forward to using the salad recipe.

  2. Thanks! Yep, it's a nice salad indeed!

  3. The pizza looks absolutely delicious!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I wish I could eat it right now!